JWQ Showcase 2017

Thursday, April 5, 2018

JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2017

The JazzWorldQuest Showcase 2017 features songs released in 2017 by independent jazz and world music artists from all over the world: Roberto Magris Sextet(Italy/USA), Sinouj(Spain), Randy McGill(USA), Diego Figueiredo(Brazil), Florin Raducanu(Romania), Itamar Borochov(Israel), Florian Hoefner(Canada), Antoine Fafard(UK), The Steven McGill Project(USA), Bill Mentz(USA), Leon Neal(USA), António Silva Quartet(Portugal),Hayley Lam(USA), Igor Willcox 4tet(Brazil), Daniel Chia(USA), Marcin Malinowski(Poland), Sweet Lu(USA) 

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Thursday, December 14, 2017

USA: MJ Territo Jazz at Kitano Thursday December 21st Sets at 8 pm & 10 pm

MJ Territo
Appearing at
Jazz at Kitano
Thursday, December 21st
Sets at 8 pm & 10 pm

MJ Territo, vocals
Linda Presgrave, piano
Iris Ornig, bass
Barbara Merjan, drums

Jazz at Kitano
66 Park Avenue at 38th Street
NYC 10016
Reservations:  212-885-7119
$17 Cover + $20 minimum


Critics love MJ's new CD "Ladies Day" 
Downbeat 3-1/2 stars
MJ Territo is a veteran singer who is very much a storyteller. With a 
calm delivery and ear for poetry, she sticks to the lyrics of songs while 
giving them a gentle swing. As the set progresses, Territo’s versatility and subtle creativity grow. Her singing on “True” is beautiful,
and she is properly fetching on Dearie’s “I’m Shadowing You.” —Scott Yanow

All About Jazz: 
Vocalist MJ Territo celebrates all things women on her ambitious and 
overdue Ladies Day. What this recording proves to be
is one of the most attractive  standards sets imagined, because these standards… are not so standard. Territo… expertly guides this welcome romp through the 
less known….This is a collection of finely composed songs expertly 
delivered in a thoughtful and compelling production. Well done!
--C. Michael Bailey 

NORWAY/RUSSIA: Olga Konkova & Jens Thoresen - Old Songs (2017)

01. Futile Sentiments (4:14)
02. Lamento (7:00)
03. Blue In Green (4:13)
04. Bossa Verde (4:43)
05. The Things We Could Have Been (6:51)
06. Minor Tweaks (4:03)
07. One Day! (5:13)
08. Slow Walk (5:36)
09. Tristissimo (7:10)
10. Sol (4:14)

Olga Konkov and Jens Thoresen seemingly can't sit down for a chat without something beautiful coming out. Each has a mellifluous touch on their instrument, but their eloquent back-and-forth chemistry is the bigger part of what makes their duo recordings special. Following on from the holiday collection December Songs (Losen, 2016), the pair sticks to the same approach of re-shaping their source songs almost beyond recognition, producing another excellent release suitable for late-night quiet moments during any time of year.

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

RUSSIA: Nadishana won the Russian World Music Award, the "Experimental Project" section

Virtuoso multi-instrumentalist, composer from Siberia in direction of modern world fusion. Nadishana plays on more than 100 instruments of the world, including self-invented.

CANADA: For Your Consideration Jane Bunnett & Maqueque Best Latin Jazz Album

For Your Consideration
Jane Bunnett & Maqueque
Best Latin Jazz Album

Band of young killer female musicians play like seasoned veterans. The music is a real treat — Downbeat
“Jane Bunnett and Maqueque… utterly shatters the glass ceiling of Afro Cuban Jazz” — Boston  Globe
“If they are coming anywhere near your town, go see them!” — Jon Garelick, Giant Steps
Jane Bunnett & Maqueque - Dream


USA: New Video: Incredible Musical Telepathy From Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh

New Video
Incredible Musical Telepathy From
Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh

Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh have electro-acoustic roots going back to the late sixties when they recorded and concertized together for a decade in the Denny Zeitlin Trio. In 2017, 50 years later, Sunnyside Records released "Expedition," a duo album of critically acclaimed free improvisations. Zeitlin's studio resembles Mission Control at Houston, with the multiple computers, monitors, controllers, and miles of cables. Open to all genres, with no pre-planning of any kind, George, playing drumset and percussion, and Denny, playing acoustic piano, plus 4 keyboards/synthesizers, launch into free-improvisation. The sound barrier that provides separation for recording makes it impossible for them to see each other. They rely on headphones and a musical rapport that seems telepathic. The performances have such structural integrity that people often think these "spontaneous compositions" must have been written out.


Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh
continue their duo electro-acoustic adventures in free improvisation

(Sunnyside Records 1487)
Street Date: July 21, 2017
"There is a wonderfully free-flowing spirit to the new Denny Zeitlin & George Marsh CD Expedition. The music percolates like water from a newly tapped spring. It has an organic slipstream feel to it that comes from these two brilliant musicians capturing themselves exploring totally “in the moment” improvisations. Script-less forays into the possibilities; Zeitlin’s electro-acoustic keyboard artistry paired with Marsh’s intuitively complementary percussive accentuation…"                       
Ralph A. Miriello, HuffingtonPost

"… The number of jazz musicians who were innovating 4-5 decades ago and continue to innovate today is very small; Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh certainly belong in that exclusive club. Expedition continues their long, provocative journey." S. Victor Aaron, SomethingElseReviews

"…[Zeitlin] is able to create – in all of his music, composed and improvised – heroic portraits and vast panoramas as well as infusing them with an intimacy and an emotional intensity which can only be described as the "poetry of feeling." …The effect, as in all the recordings of the past is breathtaking… As ever, Mr. Marsh plays above and beyond the call of rhythm. His is a music fused into the music of Denny Zeitlin. He (George Marsh) is vigourous – viscerally so – when the music drives him to it. But there is also a gentle lyricism…. No matter what the applied force, George Marsh always plays like a man inspired with such presence and seriousness that every moment sounds carefully weighed up. Together, Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh make music that never shows any sense of calculation or strain and it would be hard to find playing of greater immediacy in the music of another piano-drum duo." Raul da Gama, JazzdaGama

"[album pre-release review of 'Geysers'] It takes deeply rooted and restively curious minds to make music like this. On the opening track of this duo’s new album, “Expedition,” Mr. Marsh’s sense of syncopation on the drum kit refers back to before even the establishment of jazz rhythm. Mr. Zeitlin, an inveterate piano innovator since the 1960s and a fusion pioneer, plays a variety of keyboards and synthesizers; he conjures a vague drone in the middle-to-low range, circling your inner ear with melodies and effects. They wander at first, then find direction; they deepen and soak in, rather than evaporate."                                             Giovanni Russonello, NewYorkTimes

 "… This is above all integrated spontaneity, with complete timbral mastery joining fittingly with free jazz inventiveness of the highest order. In the listening is the confirmation. Expedition is one of the finest jazz albums of the year!" 
Grego Applegate Edwards, Gapplegate Music Review

"… While the scent of freedom carries on the air across this entire album, the music is rarely formless. It grooves, breathes, flows, and evolves in kaleidoscopic fashion, taking and/or changing shape through a near-telepathic process… Entire tracks—or "sound paintings," if we're going with the Zeitlin-Marsh vernacular—often possess a magnetic draw born of language and development… Any opportunity to hear Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh take us into the great unknown is an opportunity worth taking." Dan Bilawsky, AllAboutJazz

"Pianist Denny Zeitlin, [Roscoe] Mitchell's contemporary and fellow native of Chicago is equally dedicated to ceaseless artistic growth…Zeitlin and Marsh's unplanned mutual inventiveness is so logical that it often sounds as if it must have been conceived on manuscript paper, but no; it is spontaneous improvisation… The album is a remarkable technical accomplishment. More important, it is a solid musical achievement that has the virtue of being—if you’ll pardon the outmoded, uncool, expression—entertaining."
Doug Ramsey, ArtsJournal.com/Rifftides

" …He and percussionist par excellence George Marsh continue to explore the dynamics of creation at an exciting level of interaction on Expedition. And what’s more, while doing so, they heed bassist Bill Crow’s admonition about the purpose of Jazz - they have fun. You can sense the thrill of adventure in the music they are making as the music is alive; boundless; unpredictable - just the way it should be at this stage of their long careers in music."                                            Steven Cerra, JazzProfiles.blogspot

"This is not the first collaboration between pianist/keyboardist Denny Zeitlin and drummer George Marsh, but it’s the strongest… Both artists use broad brush strokes on these abstract paintings of sounds, taking the listener to other exotic worlds." George W. Harris, JazzWeekly

"… Now, the label has issued "Expedition" and it's even more fascinating and exploratory than the duo's debut…What makes this album and its pastiche of sounds, noises, and melodies so impressive is that the music is always accessible, always intelligent.  You should go on this trip; it's not "novelty" music but the adventures of two musicians who have always pushed beyond the mundane, the tried and true, into the heart of creative music."                                             Richard B. Kamins, StepTempest.Blogspot

"What began with the intriguing 2015 release Riding the Moment has taken a huge leap on Expedition. The electro-acoustic explorations of keyboardist Denny Zeitlin and percussionist George Marsh dive even deeper into the “electro” part of that equation. Melodies lash out like streaks of lightning across a nighttime sky. Rhythms are the rainstorm that follows. The harmonies are the thick clouds that instill wonder at how such beauty can exist within so much chaos. It’s a special kind of dramatic music that can elicit big smiles, and Zeitlin and Marsh do so again and again." Dave Sumner, Daily.Bandcamp

"[4.5 out of 5 stars]… There's a lot for the ears to digest. Synthesizers—and Denny Zeitlin and George Marsh—are capable of so much, as in the closer/title tune, with its bowed bass-like opening that evolves in the direction of the symphonic, featuring a horn-like monologue backed by electro-drones and swirlings, interjected with Marsh's robust percussive poetry. A superb wrap-up to this set of the Denny Zeitlin/George Marsh innovations." Dan McClenaghan, AllAboutJazz

"Denny Zeitlin, George Marsh reunite for cosmic explosion on "Expedition"…  an intriguing continuation of the duo’s genre-less, free jazz experimentation from the 2015 album, Riding The Moment… The duo remains firmly outside the lines of traditional music, or any specific genre.. The visual equivalent of their Expedition is one of traversing a vast forest filled with lots of animated wildlife and flowers in bloom…"
Carol Banks Weber, JazzMedium

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Tuesday, December 12, 2017

USA: The GIL SPITZER SEXTET Celebrates The Release of His New Zoho CD “Falando Docemente” WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER 13th Jazz At Kitano

GIL SPITZER-Alto Saxophone
HARRY ALLEN-Tenor Saxophone

Sets 8:00pm and 10:00pm

Jazz At Kitano
66 Park Avenue at 38th Street
New York NY 10016
Full menu available!
Cover $17 + $20 minimum
Reservations - 212-885-7119
Tickets & Info

The title of this album says it all. The English translation, Speak Sweet, is a reference to all the dulcet-toned saxophonists who fueled Gil Spitzer’s imagination as a developing alto saxophonist growing up in the East Bronx. The names Stan Getz, Paul Desmond, Johnny Hodges immediately come to mind, and Spitzer is right in that number with his beautiful tone and lyrical approach in what, amazingly, is his debut recording at the age of 75! But as Brazilian bassist and producer of this session, Nilson Matta, says of Spitzer, “You don’t have to be any certain age to play music. Anytime is about time.”

Matta met the saxophonist at his Samba Meets Jazz Summer Music Camp in Bar Harbor, Maine and the friendship deepened when the bassist invited Spitzer to an international SMJ camp in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Taken by the altoist’s sound, Matta later invited him to sit in with his group on gigs at Birdland back in New York City. “He’s got that lyrical thing, which is very charming,” said the bassist of Spitzer, “and also nice tone, great taste. He embraces all of those things and he plays with a lot of spirit.”

For Falando Docemente, Matta assembled a like-minded crew of Brazilian compatriots — guitarist Chico Pinheiro, drummer Mauricio Zottarelli and percussionist Fernando Saci — to provide an authentic vibe on several alluring bossa novas. Saxophonist Harry Allen, a guest faculty member at Matta’s SMJ camp, was paired with Spitzer on Hank Mobley’s hard bop anthem This I Dig Of You, the luxurious ballad Early Autumn and Spitzer’s lone original here, Blues for Harry A”. Rising star pianist-composer Julian Shore was recruited by Matta to write string quartet arrangements on The Very Thought Of You, Nature Boy and Sonny Rollins’ Valse Hot. And Spitzer responds in each setting with authority, clarity and a beautiful singing quality.

The spirit of his musical hero Stan Getz hovers over much of this session and is especially apparent on a beautiful bossa reading of George Gershwin’s Embraceable You and Jobim’s classic Triste. “Interestingly, my first lessons were at a studio in the East Bronx where Stan Getz took music lessons,” Spitzer recalls. “I never met him there, he was already gone, but his photograph was on the wall with some other star pupils there who achieved success. And I did take lessons with the same teacher that he had for a time, Bill Shiner. I was in junior high school at the time so this goes back quite a ways. But I remember Bill Shiner’s Music Studio on Southern Blvd. and Boston Rd. in the Bronx, right under the elevated train. The studio was one flight up and it always kind of interfered with your lessons to some degree when a train came by. But that’s how I learned how to play the saxophone.”

Another significant influence on Spitzer then and on his debut recording is Nat “King” Cole, the great pianist-vocalist who came up swinging with his trio in the late ‘30s and early ‘40s before morphing into a romantic balladeer (gaining a much wider audience in the process) in the post-World War II years. “My inspiration on both ‘The Very Thought Of You’ and ‘Nature Boy’ was Nat Cole,” he explains. “While it’s hard to convey his voice through an alto saxophone, that sound was in my head and what I was feeling when we recorded those two songs.” He also points to a Getz recording of “Nature Boy” with strings from a 1960 Verve album, Cool Velvet, as another inspiration for his reading of this tune.

Spitzer pays tribute to alto saxophonist Paul Desmond, whose tone was once described as “the sound of a dry martini,” on a relaxed reading of the title track from Desmond’s 1964 album, Bossa Antigua, which also featured guitar great Jim Hall. “It was my way of connecting with him and paying some respect to his sound,” says Spitzer. “In many ways he was maybe a bit underrated. He wasn’t a fantastic player in terms of technique but he had a sound, he had a vision, he had a lyrical sense, and he stuck with it. And to my ears, it was beautiful, it was creative, it was different than some of the other people who were around at the time.”

The supportive rhythm tandem of Matta and Zottarelli captures a quintessentially loose Brazilian feel on that soothing Desmond number and also on Matta’s relaxed This Is For Luisa, written for his wife. Guitarist Pinheiro solos persuasively on both of those engaging offerings.

Fellow saxophonists Spitzer and Allen display an easy interplay on Mobley’s swinger This I Dig Of You and also on Johnny Mercer’s “Early Autumn.” “The feeling was to have a kind of a dialogue together,” says Spitzer of his pairing with Allen. “And even though Harry has a more emphatic sound, not only because it’s a tenor but also because he’s such a strong player, there is still a kind of a sweetness and a communication happening. There’s a civility to it. It’s not one voice putting down the other but rather a kind of communicating,”

Spitzer and Allen also engage in some spirited exchanges of eights with drummer Steve Johns on “This I Dig Of You” and they create some intriguing harmonies through the head of Spitzer’s “Blues for Harry A,” a Monkish ditty written for the saxophonist’s son. “I love Harry’s playing, I like where his head’s at in terms of his sound and his feel and his freedom and his vocabulary, which is incredible. I’m very happy that he agreed to do this project and his participation on ‘Blues for Harry A’ made it more special for me. My son’s middle name is Aaron, so he’s Harry A. And Harry Allen is also Harry A. So it was kind of a nice coincidence.”

The closer, a rich reading of Rollins’ Valse Hot, opens with Shore cleverly alluding to the bridge of “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” in his string arrangement before the full band kicks off the theme of that buoyant jazz waltz.
There’s something sweet to savor on each track here. “Falando Docemente means ‘Speak Sweet’ in Portuguese,” explains Spitzer, “and that was really my idea for the theme of this CD — a romantic expression as well as a communication in a kind of civil and sweet way, referencing to some degree the great saxophonists and vocalists of the past.”

By referencing such greats as Getz, Desmond and Cole, you really can’t go wrong. Spitzer and his copacetic crew do justice to those jazz legends on this highly appealing (and long overdue) outing. — Bill Milkowski
CD Featured Musicians
Gil Spitzer Alto Saxophone,   Chico Pinheiro Guitar (1, 2, 4 - 6, 8, 9, 11, 12),  Harry Allen Tenor Saxophone (3, 7, 10),  Julian Shore Piano (1, 3, 4, 6-12),  Nilson Matta Acoustic Bass, Producer , Mauricio Zottarelli Drums (5, 6, 9,11),  Steve Johns Drums (1, 2, 4, 7, 8, 10, 12),  Fernando Saci Percussion (2, 9, 11,)  Amanda Lo Violin (4, 8, 12),  Monica Davis Violin (4, 8,12,)  Angela Pickett Viola (4, 8, 12),  Jessie Reagen Man, Cello (4, 8, 12)

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